The Leaders

Wayne und Irene NegriniWayne and Irene Negrini, the leaders of Community Without Walls, received a clear calling from God while they were still young in their faith. This call was distinctly repeated over the course of time: to carry on the reformation that Martin Luther began a half a millennium earlier. Luther’s emphasis was on the grace of God—a biblical truth that was forgotten in his time.

The Negrinis had themselves experienced the grace of God powerfully in their lives. This energized and motivated them wherever they lived, whether it was in California, Holland or Switzerland. They daily served those in need without judging them for their past lives. They took people into their home and cared for them physically, psychologically, and spiritually. In the spring of 1994, God called the Negrinis to Wehingen, in Saarland, Germany, where they bought a building that had previously been an elementary school.

There they carried on with this sort of lifestyle, to build family in God.