The Foundation

From the very beginning of creation, there has been a cry within every human being for community. The community of Christ consists of people who have a personal relationship with him and who have accepted his saving grace for themselves. It is a collection of people whom Christ has called out of the pattern of the fallen world, and it is independent of any denominational background. We believe that the entire body of Christ is a living organism through whom, joined with the Holy Spirit, the world will experience a spiritual restoration in this day and age.

We are people who seek to love Jesus Christ with all our hearts and to dwell in a community beyond the borders of any denomination. Therefore, we build no walls. In fact, quite the opposite: we seek to destroy the walls which divide us from each other, so that all may partake of Christ and his love. Thus we do not concern ourselves with building new structures and churches; rather, we seek to promote the spiritual life in living cells. In a living cell (i.e. a family), a person is free to come and go as they please. So there is no membership in the strict sense of the word. This also means that we are not a typical foundation. Membership status in Community Without Walls is unlike existing church communities. The difference is that it is a personal decision based on the individual. Rather than being bound by rules, the true connection between people is a heart issue.

Our vision is to be an international community in which every single individual may know the power of God through a life lived as an overcomer. We recognize ourselves as joined with not only Israel as our spiritual roots, but also the entire body of Christ, through whom He has worked worldwide in different churches, communities and organizations. In Community Without Walls there exists a living kinship over “the entire known world.”

Currently, concrete international relationships exist in the following countries: Belgium, Costa Rica, Ghana, Honduras, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, and the USA. Moreover, the founders have also served in India, Austria, Sweden and Switzerland. Guests from all of these countries come to Wehingen. In the coming year, we expect guests to come from 34 nations to attend Conferences and Seminars. As we are able, we will promote similar international projects with similar goals.

Our immediate plans for the future include broadcasting Seminars via Internet, through which anyone may take part.